How's everything going in Taiwan? I can't believe my Polish exchange life has gone so fast. I feel like I havent finished my things but it is closing the end... Thinking of the begining, I was lost in this language and never understood what people are sure was really hard and ashamed that I couldn't understand. 
     Somehow, I had an idea that by telling people I'm from Taiwan not from China,Japan,Koera,and I thought it would be nice if I tried to speak Polish to them. I think the most repespetful thing is to learn thier language so I started to speak Polish even it was hard....from words to words, creating sentences and trying to find the right grammer....until now, i can mostly understand simple conversations. Yesterday, I had my Polish final exam. It wasn't easy and it was the official exam sample in Poland. I had to figure it out the grammer and writing couple paragraphs.( Polish grammer has 7 cases,which is changing the NOUN's ending and it's not exist in English!) anyways....I got 72%,which is not as good as i thought.....I wish i had more time to study though, I just need more time to pratice..oh well, next week is the last week of school. I definitely gonna miss my Polish teacher and German teacher. I'm really glad they were always helping me and being patient! :)
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