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These two days, I am terribly excited somehow. I dont even know why! Maybe we had the midterm exams finished or something.Or I had a really good weedend with my firends visiting around Kaoshiung. Going to different places cleaned my mind and I feel energy to do things now! Instead of staying home, I definately prefer to hang out with my friends!! I'm listening to Chirstina Aguilera's old album, which got the most songs make me feel like to dance! so highhhhhh you know me!... oh, I forgot to tell you that 寶石王國is such a cool game!! I played it for two hours yesterday!!here you go>>


It's our shopping day after all the exams,INCH,Catty! I slept over in Catty's house in 岡山.Her mom invited me for the luch next day. THanks for the bagel and 黑麥汁,Catty!

I visited Tainan on Sunday. Here is 德記洋行. Look how beautiful the color match with the sky and everything! We ran up a cool guide, who told the terribly funny stories about the Tree House!! I DO think a guide need to be like him and tells the stories he creates! It makes us memorize it easily.
Here is 周氏蝦捲. It is so famous that people have the will to line up on the ROAD! The 蝦捲 actually tastes good though!haha I should go more to try more "Tainanese" food!!ha 

We, 高應大學生大使團, went to a field trip yesterday. The first stop was 忠烈祠(Martyrs' Shrine). We fooled around for a while and clam up all the stairs under sun! Then we got back to the bus and heading for 英國領事館(The British Consulateat Takao). The scene next to the sea is pretty although we didnt have much time stay there. The most thing is coming!! See how we had the full schedule, haha. We all went to 巴沙諾瓦 for lunch or tea?! anyways, we had good time to know new friends and thanks 國合組 took care of the bill! heheh! so excited about the field trip or japanese class next time!!




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  • catty
  • Haha~you're welcome.
    I'm so glad that you like it and my mom's cook.
    You can come and have a diet anytime as you want!!
    Maybe you can try some mutton next time,just try some,you'll love it!!
    (And I'm really really sorry about the accident...)
  • dont worry about it:) the bruise will go off soon!:)

    reiyuchang 於 2008/11/19 23:04 回覆