Reiyu's talk: How dare Who do that to us? The incident was'nt our faultl! Who would like China make bad food material to people? They probably only care about themselves that addinging toxic chemical into food won't hart them....the milk is so important for people! The WHO requested Taiwan to provide the effect resources of the tainted dairy products from China. We Taiwanese of course was glad to give the information just like we helped the world during the  SARS incident. Well, China is still blocking us from joining WHO...what can I say more?

Food scare shows Taiwan's need for WHO entry: ministry



By RTI Radio Station


翻譯 Taiwan News


The foreign ministry said Tuesday that the World Health Organization (WHO) took notice of Taiwan's protests against its interaction with Taiwan during the Chinese tainted milk scandal. 外交部在星期二表示,關於中國毒奶粉事件,台灣對世衛組織(WHO)就雙方溝通問題所提出的抗議,世衛組織已經有所回應。


The foreign ministry protested after the WHO sent an email to China, copied it to Taiwan and referred to Taiwan as "Taiwan, China". The WHO was requesting information from Taiwan on the effects of tainted dairy products from China.WHO先前希望台灣提供中國黑心商品的相關訊息。但在一封電子回函上,WHO將正本寄給中國,台灣被列在寄送附本,WHO並將我方稱作「中國台北」,台灣外交部對此向WHO提出抗議。


Taiwan's Centers for Disease Control (CDC) voluntarily reported to the WHO that some Taiwan products containing toxic dairy ingredients from China had been sold to Hong Kong. Though Taiwan is not a member of the WHO, it adheres to International Health Regulations.台灣疾病管制局(CDC)主動提供WHO情報,告知某些有使用中國黑心原料的產品已經銷往香港。台灣雖然不是WHO會員,但仍服膺國際衛生機制。


Taiwan has been trying to gain entry to the World Health Assembly as an observer. But efforts have been blocked by China.台灣嘗試以「觀察員」的身分加入WHO,但屢次遭中國打壓。 



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