yup, my first article in 2009 pretty much is complaining! It's just the third day of the new semester but i feel lots of pressures on me....probably it was too lazy and easy last semester.... dear school schedule is unbelievable full! All the new teacher are tough like I thought before. I'm losing my courage i dont know.  I'm so wondering how i'm gonna pass everything....that was the first thing.

There are so many things to do too. Jazz Aerobic Club got lots performances and competitation. Practices and rehearsals are necessary of course! I hope i can make it.
學生大使 got more guests to host and we are planning a foreign country festival!!! That must be so fun!! Before that we got to have tons of things to be prepared!

Good news: I accomplished 藝文中心's site! The rest thing would be update the performance every month.

 Well, i'm looking forward to all of these honestly. I just dont know if i can go through everything. In other word, i'm losing my courage. Where were my courage to do everything while my foreign life? Who can be my light to shine it up?

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